Returning to the Past – 54th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Sep
  • 2016

Returning to the Past – 54th Part

  • 27
  • Sep
  • 2016

I had a thirst to better serve God, not just with a title of a bishop’s wife.That was not everything.

There was something missing and I had to find out what it was. My belief in God was real and true. If something was not working it was because something was not right.

From time to time we had some internal meetings with some spiritual leaders, and in these meetings I always saw my sister and my mother. And it was here that the conflict became even greater because instead of being happy to go, I was sad. I was sad because my sister and my mother annoyed me. For me it was not easy.

While other wives who were not contradicted, in my eyes, enjoyed their time there, I wondered, “Why is it that every time I have to come to these meetings, I feel sad? ” No one seemed to realize what was happening to me, except my sister whom noticed from afar.

We always had these meetings, and I was always receiving advice from my sister and mom. And honestly, at the time, it was an offense to hear certain truths, with that the problem seem to grow even more.
But deep down, their advice stimulated my search, and made me sincerely, “hunt” for results.

On one of those missionary trips to the meetings, my sister commented on a book called “Redeemed Love” by Francine Rivers.

I honestly never would appeal to look at a book like that, because I have always respected the idea that we should only get involved with literature from the church, not to mix “wines”, but since the suggestion came from my sister, I accepted and started reading it. When I read it, I identified with the book. I did not put the book down until I finished it, and even my husband asked to read it.

And that was the first step… then she commented on another book, that was a series of three thick volumes. And this book feed my thirst even more to find answers.

After reading the first book, which was a story of a prostitute, I had a burning desire to help these types of women, who are in the far side of my reality. In fact, many of them are there because they had no choice.

I read this book with some women in the church every Sunday afternoon. And because of that we had the idea of going to where they were.

There was a woman in the church who was a former prostitute, which was in the process of change, who came with her husband. At this time, the two of them worked selling lunch to women in the prostitution house. They loved the work that God was doing in their lives and so they gave us the opportunity to go with them and to have access to these women.

At first, a wife named Patricia and I started to go. We created ways to have more access to them. We wrote a letter like a prostitute was talking to God, trying to find a way out. And there began our work to go to the most remote places.

In the next post I will tell you more.

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4 comentários

  1. may the lord really renew our first love to save souls

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  2. Wow! This is amazing…

    I have read the book 3 times and each time I read it, it reminded me of how people suffer not because they chose but they were forced into that difficult situation they find themselves in.

    Sometimes people can state that, everyone has an option to be where they are and that through faith (which is very true) can make out of their lives whatever they want if they believe.

    However, what if this person does not even know about the saving faith? new life faith? it is then when we truly seek for God to use us in great ways to save and stretch ourselves in order to introduce Him to those who are hopeless, in the deep rough and not knowing where to begin, those who their thoughts are defeated by the surrounding circumstances that tells them “this is where you will ever be, accept it”. It is always great to invest in yourself, stretch yourself for those who will need what God has given and entrusted you to give to them. We receive, apply and we give, we receive, apply and we give.

    Thank you Mrs V.

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  3. Strong

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  4. Sometimes in life we do not want to try some things but when we do it we realize that it can also benefit others. it is always good to help others. thank you for the message.

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