Returning to the Past – 25th Part

Viviane Freitas

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  • Feb
  • 2016

Returning to the Past – 25th Part

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  • Feb
  • 2016

One day in the meeting, Luis and Vera did not want to pray. On that day, they insisted on keeping their eyes open and not praying..

I was very angry with them. Very much! I really invested all of myself to create in them something productive for life.

So after the meeting, I went into a room where their father was and said, “Look Julio, I am very sad with Luis and Vera! Today they did not want to close their eyes nor pray! ” I was talking to Julio with the intention of him calling their attention! Then Julio said, “Oh yeah? Then you will see when I get back! And he left, and the children (Luis and Vera) started crying with fear! “

So I said, “Look, if you don’t want daddy to fight with you … There’s a way!”
They asked: “What is it?”
“Let’s pray and ask God to touch your daddy’s heart so that he doesn’t fight with you!”

So we made a circle while holding hands, and they desperately cried out to God. They did not pray, but it was a desperation. And my desire was to laugh, because they asked so desperately to God, that when we finished the prayer and I asked, “So, how are you?” They said, “Mommy I’m scared!”
So I said, “But, didn’t you pray to God?”
They said, “Yes mommy.”
So I said, “Then you can’t stay like that! You have to pray believing that God touched daddy’s heart! When we pray, there can be no sadness or doubt, only peace!”
So I called them again to pray and this time I led the prayer, expelling out all fear and doubt. And that from now on they would never do that again. We ended the prayer and I asked, “How do you feel?” They said: “We are well mommy!”

I remembered that scene, how beautiful it was! The two pure were able to believe in everything that I taught them and accepted it with an open heart.

You know, everything I taught them, was highly regarded, especially by little Vera, who was the most responsible. She would grasp everything I taught them.

One day, I took them to the swimming pool for first time for both of them and something unexpected happens. While I was holding Luis in my arms, because he was the youngest, little Vera was beside me drowning and I didn’t realizing it. Until, after a few seconds or minutes later I realize it and I put little Luis out on the poolside and rescued her. Little Vera very agonized and crying just said to me, “mummy, I cried out for Jesus!”

She said that, because I always taught them, the following while looking in their eyes “Little Luis and Vera, everytime you are in danger call out the name, JESUS!” And that’s how both of them were.

Everything that I taught them was valued, of course, little Luis was the most “buoyant” he didn’t pay much attention when I was serious.

He was a super funny little boy. And little Vera was a little girl was always amused by Luis. They had fun together. Both were very “loving”. They both loved my night kisses and especially Luis, he loved being noticed and he wanted me just for him. But there was no way for me to be just for one of them, I had to be for both of them. Everything had to be shared.

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3 comentários

  1. The message is very great on how to raise children in the fear of Lord.

    They could not obey first by when they learn how great is to obey God they were able to be displine

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  2. I really liked this message because it teaches me how i need to be- like a child, with a willingness to learn. I also learnt that in desperate moments, even though i may feel like i am going through so much, i still have to use my faith and believe God will have the answers I am praying about.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this message Dona Viviane. It helps me a lot because I also have a little boy.

    Thank you! And God bless you more!

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