Going back to the Past – 8th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • Aug
  • 2015

Going back to the Past – 8th Part

  • 18
  • Aug
  • 2015

I remember when I was still in Johannesburg, I was reprimanded by the wife that was responsible for me, in a meeting of the wives. And she was right. But when the meeting was done, another wife came to me, already experienced in the Work of God, who knew me when I was single, said, “Oh Viviane… I know how unjust that was. She should not have spoken to you in that way. I want to tell you that I understand…etc.”

While she was saying all of this, I was conscious of the fact that what she was saying was not right. She wanted to “alleviate” my side, but at the same time she was being used by the devil so that I could have bad eyes with the wife who was responsible for me. All I know is that I just heard what she had to say and mistakenly did not say anything.

I omitted what my faith was saying in that moment: that she was being used by the devil. Deep inside, I did not find myself worthy enough to tell a wife who was more experienced than I, and to teach what was just and what was not.

What is just?
Looking with good eyes.
It is to evaluate my actions and to recognize what I did wrong.

Thank God that I had that consciousness.

Thank God for the assistant meetings that I had participated in.

Thank God for the my parent’s guidance that they instilled in me.

Thank God for the meditations that I had when I had my moments alone with God.

Thank God that when I went to the meetings, I went the necessity of searching. And I would continue searching when I went to my room.

All that gave me the support for all the moments that I would pass with the people that were in the Work of God who weren’t in spirit, and sometimes not even born of God.

I learned that I had to be on alert at all times to guard my faith as well as my salvation.

God is wonderful! He does not allow anything that goes beyond what we cannot handle. And with that, I learned, not just to meditate, but to bring my meditations or my vigilance to my everyday life.

A woman of God is not formed by just her knowledge, but when she meditates and guards it to bring to her everyday life. While you don’t live or experience something that goes against your faith, you cannot prove whom you respect: God or your own selfishness.

After a few years, that same wife who said she understood me, is no longer part of the Work of God and isn’t even going to church. Her and her husband were of the flesh.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

All those who once made part of the Work of God and were corrupted, it is because they were slowly returning to “Egypt”. They did not care about the little things, that apparently were insignificant to our eyes, but in reality was making them walk the path towards Egypt.

Just to recapitulate, the people of Israel left Egypt but none of them entered the Promised Land, except Joshua and Caleb.

Why, hmm?

Because the people were looking at what Egypt had to offer, instead of looking at God. They kept contemplating the easiness and not attentive to what they were: slaves. They did were not attentive to the wonders that God revealed. They feared more because their necessities than believing in what God had for them. In other words, they doubted that God would supply.

Through those experiences inside the Work of God, I really saw that I had to chose my friendships, because not all who say they are of God, are really of God.

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  1. l learnt
    to be always watchful

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  2. This is very helpful
    this happens all the time and if we are not vigilant we will be in trouble
    Watch and pray

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  3. This just shows the importance of the Holy Spirt. Without it we wouldn’t be able to discern the good friends from bad friends, and this is crucial, because truly spekaing our friends our a reflection of who we are.
    Thanks for sharing Mrs Viviane

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