Going back to the Past – 26th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 8
  • Feb
  • 2016

Going back to the Past – 26th Part

  • 8
  • Feb
  • 2016

With the opportunity of having Vera and Luis next to me, I tried in every way to work with them, looking towards the future.

And what future?

The future of their souls.

Even though they were children, I knew that they had needs just like I did when I was a child and what it meant to grow up in a Christian home and how the world attracts human beings, even having all the basic needs of a family.

I did everything I could do to care for their souls. I insisted in the most basic guidelines for a child to survive when faced with problems.

I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity. That is why everything was taken to the spiritual side, as much as possible even in the smallest things. Everything that I saw that could lead to something serious and as a learning experience, I would used to form their character.

At meal times they gave thanks for the food they had. And I always told them that they had to eat whatever was on the plate not to throw food away. I taught them that so many little children were hungry and that they had to appreciate the food. I always had my “eye” on their plates, so they wouldn’t leave food scraps.

We lived in a house that had 2 floors. And every time I needed something on the second floor, I always asked Luis (who was the smallest one) to go and get it. But he always complained. So then I would ask Vera and she also didn’t want to go. So I used another “technique” and would say, “Hmmm … Who wants to earn a reward in heaven?” Then they would say: “Meeeeeeeee!!!!” So to win a prize, you have to go and get this and that for me, because the more you serve, the greater your reward will be!” And so the two would fight and go out running to get what I had asked for, because they both wanted the reward. So whenever I asked for something, they wanted to serve. They were so beautiful!

When we also gave them gifts, I would also say: “Look little Luis, Mummy bought you this gift, now you will give it to that little boy there.” Again he complained: “Oh mum! No, I don’t want to!” Then I would say: “How come… little Luis! When you give, you receive.” In fact, I did this to teach them not to be selfish, because they had never had anything of their own, so everything that they owned, they became very attached to it.

One day little Vera told me: “Mum, look! I took the envelope of Israel and I will participate! “

“Oh yeah, daughter? Then you will work to place the sacrifice in the envelope. I will not give you anything, you’ll have to earn it yourself.” And so it was. I made chocolate brigadiers and I taught her how to make it and do the rest and so she did. She sold all the brigadiers.

She always asked me: “Mum, I want to go to Disney!” I always told her: “Oh, you want to go to Disney? So pray to God for Him to touch the heart of your mummy, because the heart of your mummy is pretty closed to go there.” In other words, ask God for Him to answer you, because I don’t see the importance of going there. And that was the reason of why she got the envelope of Israel.

In all the meetings we attended, I was always beside them to work on what I saw that was important. In the Wednesday and Sunday meetings, I always sat down, when it was time to pray, they would stand on their feet as I hugged them both, and prayed out loud (in order for them to hear me) and prayed together with them. I noticed that they closed their eyes and did not pronounce a word. So I decided to keep my eyes open and ask that they put their little hands on their heart and taught them how to pray.

The prayer that I did, was in a way that they could understand, a practical way. It went like this, “Lord Jesus. Clean my black heart, which is dirty because of disobedience, lying, etc.” And then, when I had an opportunity, I would explain about the black heart. And so I would put fear in them for what was not right.

On Friday meetings, there I was again, sitting down and they would be standing up, participating in the strong prayer
. And when a demon manifested in the body of a person, I explained to them saying, “You see there, that woman? The devil found a gap to get into her life.” Then I would say: “for example, lying… is when the heart is black and dirty, then the devil saw an opportunity to enter in her life. You see how you can’t do anything that is ugly! ”

At home they wanted to watch TV. So I bought a kit of Christian video cassettes and always played them for them, every week. At other times they saw children movies, but they were all well chosen by me.

Video game, they played with uncle Moyses’s game station. And they could only play once a week!

Next week, I’ll share more with you!!

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  1. Gracias Sra Viviane por Esta Enseñanza de cómo cuidar el alma de nuestros niños y si es muy importante guiarlos en los caminos de Jesus yo también e explicado a mis hijos aserca de cómo deben obedecer más hoy e aprendido otras tácticas muy buenas en este blog y voy a poner por obra con mis pequeños para cuidar su alma.

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