Going back to the Past – 21th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 8
  • Dec
  • 2015

Going back to the Past – 21th Part

  • 8
  • Dec
  • 2015

It’s a privilege to be part of it. It’s not for the skilled but for those who want to depend 100% on God.

You never know what will happen tomorrow, we have no guarantee of anything not even of where we are going, we can not make personal plans, we can not have many things, because eventually it will become a burden because of the various transfers. We can not have contracts, because we can not sure of our stay in one place. Tomorrow for those who serve God on the altar, it’s not their and not within their reach.

We bless many people but we can not contemplate our own lives. When we have problems we have to overcome them and not let them overthrow the goal of serving the people especially and primarily God.

Well, in California we were working on a daily basis at the church. And my parents always had their missionary trips to various places. In one of those trips, they visited in Portugal. And on that trip they met the children of the Universal Home of Lisbon.

On that trip, my father met Luis, who came to him saying that he wanted a father. Hearing that phrase from a 3-year-old touched him deeply. And there he was inspired by God so that the pastors adopt a child.

When they returned California, my parents brought some pictures of the children of the Universal Home for me to see. And right away, I, Viviane, grasped the idea of ​​accepting a child in which I would work on in order to serve God.

And that time, we were not thinking about our personal wellbeing or becoming a mother, but taking a child out of this world and invest in putting faith inside of them was the way I saw it.

I accepted with open arms the idea, but Julio could not accept the idea of taking in child. For him it would be having another commitment within the many responsibilities in God’s work, in which he preferred not to even dream of.

The desire of Julio was to entirely be in service to God, in having no impediments to serve more and better. So a child would not only be having a commitment, but we would share the focus given to the Work of God. For a child requires care, surrendering, love, affection and most importantly the care of their soul.

However, in my head I thought whatever my father says its a “law” to be fulfilled, besides also the desire to have a child.

And so another stage of my life begins.


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3 comentários

  1. Hi Mrs Viv

    You truly need to write a book about your memories I am sure they will help others the way they have helped me in so many aspects that as a servant we tend to ignore.

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  2. Do publish your memories in a book and it will be a best seller. You truly have come from a long way.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your Diary with us Mrs Viviane.
    Its totally insightful and helpful.
    The openess of all the posts make me understand how to deal with various situations in my life.Even though the series of occassions ,of cos, do not happen in the same way as yours.

    I am eager to know what happens next…
    Thank you once again.

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