Going back to the Past – 13th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 29
  • Sep
  • 2015

Going back to the Past – 13th Part

  • 29
  • Sep
  • 2015

In New York, we had many battles. Júlio was always maturing in faith with the discipline he was receiving and being warned. And I accompanied him in all that I could and gave assistance so that he really was being disciplined.

Always after he was called to attention, I was there, asking or trying to understand what were the motives behind his actions of what he was being warned about. I never saw that his superiors were wrong, because I always have believed that the Work of God has always been directed by Holy Spirit.

If I saw that he, in some way, sometimes did not understand or in that moment he got upset at being reprimanded, but I did not “pat his back”. I learned many thing in the Work of God as an assistant about Spiritual Authority. I was very careful and feared, respected the authorities constituted by God.

Júlio didn’t have this, his wife by her husband’s side but yes, of God. And I looked for, as a wife, the right for him to hear me out when the situation was serious.

And what is something serious to me and to all of us?

  • Of having bad eyes.
  • Of judging.
  • Of feeling wronged.
  • Of guarding a wrong emotion towards someone or a situation.

Because if we do that, we are putting at risk our salvation. And consequently, the Work of God. And we as servants, we cannot put at risk nothing of the sort.

I demanded from myself spirituality.
To be spiritual and obey without any contrary emotion.

We know that if there exists any problem within us, we feel like we have a huge ball suffocating our throat or our heart feeling tight. Revealing thus, what we are going to live for all eternity. In other words, we cannot wait to resolve what we need to resolve or else we are condemned.

And it depends on us and no one else, in bringing that peace, that certainty, of a faith that does everything that needs to be done.

Faith demands answers. Not words, or position, or etc…

Júlio knows how much I “manifest”, in the sense of being daring when it something related to our salvation. He knows this very well.

I don’t like to depend on others to resolve problems. I have to search for life. If I have any doubt, then I go and take away that doubt. If I have a problem, I am going to resolve the problem.

And that is how it went, the battles that made me cling to God as well as help Júlio. It made us be close and love one another in truth.

I love serving God. Because He makes everything have order.
I love being by Júlio’s side, because he makes me be even stronger.
Our problems made us love the love that comes from faith.

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  1. This post is so beautiful, about your love for God and what is right and the faith that leads you to your salvation and for your husband (Bishop Julio’s) salvation as well!

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  2. It is important to always be spiritual and obedient without any contrary emotion .To avoid putting my salvation and the work of God at risk.
    And it is up to me to search for life.
    Thank you Mrs.Viviane

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