My name is Viviane Freitas and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I spent most of my childhood in the United States. I am the daughter of Edir Macedo and Ester Bezerra. I have been married for 23 years with Julio Freitas; we have two children, Vera and Louis. I have resided in the following countries; South America, United States and in other countries within Europe, I am currently living in Portugal working to help thousands of people including women and youth through groups of family and social support in partnership with the Help Centre and I do this with a lot of joy and satisfaction.

But maybe reading the brief summary of my life, you may think that everything has always been a bed of roses for me, but thats not true.

I was born with a cleft Lip and palate and this generated in me many traumas and insecurities during my childhood and adolescence, I grew up in a home full of warmth and love, where I had a father and a mother that were very united, this reflected in our family. We had all the tenderness that a mother could give.

But it did not impede me from discovering that the world was not so wonderful as it was at home. I was still very young when I started living a tormented life outside. When I was at home I was very happy but I had to face the cruel world outside, I became sad, bitter and overwhelmed I was discriminated, attacked by all kinds of cruel words that a child could hear and thats when my internal conflicts began to show in my behavior.

Besides, while I was already married to husband Julio Freitas doing the work of God together, we decided to adopt and during many years of marriage we went thorough many experiences that made us grow and become mature, especially when we lost our children. This situation really marked my life and it taught me great lessons. I had to learn to overcome my internal and external conflicts, I had to find and confront myself and this I did alone no one else could do it for me.

That was the main reason that I started my blog, the purpose of the blog is to share with all the cybernauts, the experiences that I passed throughout my life, but above all how I overcame each problem.

Here in my blog, you will you see each story in more details and am sure you will identify yourself with some of them and even be very surprised with my personal experiences. The courage to open my diary to all the cybernaut, is to make you realize that just as you have or had conflicts, I have also had my conflicts and insecurities but I learned the use of an intelligent faith and discovered my rights, I became unique, strong and with a defined personality and that’s exactly what I want you to become.

A part from that, you will also have access to beauty tips, health, food, directional messages and reflections all done myself and my assistants.

Feel free to browse the entire blog and share your comments with me about what has helped you.

See you in the next post. In faith!

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  1. Is it true that you and your sisters were not sent to college because your dad feared that you will override your husbands as you will be educated ?

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