Returning to the Past – 66th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Dec
  • 2016

Returning to the Past – 66th Part

  • 20
  • Dec
  • 2016

I have learned, for some years now, that the Altar is the secret to maintain stability in my spiritual life, but unforeseen things always happen, and I end up getting carried away by the responsibilities

But I was always returning to the beginning, to the secret of faith and this has always brought good results to my faith, and to my communion with God. I did not learn this because I heard it, but because I put this into practice or rather the need I saw within myself, made me reap the good results from it.

That is why I always tried to bring this awareness to the wives who worked with me. But it began more precisely in England. At first I did it alone. Later on, I told the wives that if they wanted and could come, we would go very early in the morning. I think we started doing Bible readings at 6 am, right on the church altar, Monday through Friday. During this time, we always learned wonderful things. But it seems like others were not perceiving what I perceived, and the thirst I had wasn’t the same for the others. It took time for them to understand that it was not obligatory, or to please me or to perform a religious ritual. Anyway, the circumstances did not stop me. I kept going, receiving for myself in my inner being. I spoke to them in a way that caught their attention. And I started to see one of them stand out…

A Pastor’s wife who did not speak Portuguese, but wanted to so much that she did not miss a single day. She was there every day, and she was one of the first to arrive. Over time, I saw somehow, something happening inside of her. I never told her, but I observed from afar.

I have always loved to have the opportunity to draw close to God, to hear and to bring His Word into people’s lives and especially in mine. But I did not always see this interest in people, to want to come to Him. I realized that many were aware of the Word of God, and they did things mechanically, but there were only a few who wanted to be very close to God.

I had several moments where I read to the wives in England, and my body was constantly tired and I felt physical fatigue. But this was and is, to this day a necessity of mine.

Every chance I was given I gave my all to the Altar. During this time I received an email from my father, which passed a message that until today speaks to me. The message was about Intelligent Faith. I treasured and saved it because this message made me see what faith really is. My father spoke in a way that penetrated in the very depths of my being. I’ll put it here:


Intelligent faith is not only about the meditation and practice of the Word of God, but it also demands answers and the fulfillment of His Promises. It is related to our reasoning and ability to judge, to evaluate, and to weigh in. It evaluates the purpose of our faith.

What is most interesting about this kind of certainty is the refusal to accept the idea that good and evil have the same origin. How can fresh and bitter water flow from the same spring at the same time? It makes no sense, and from a rational point of view, it is not intelligent!

Emotional faith does not even question such an aberration. And, when needed, seeks philosophical arguments to support its reasoning. The problem is that emotional faith does not have the power to fight evil and so admits it as something natural and common in life. As many say, we have received the good from God, would we not also receive evil?

Emotional faith is the natural sense of human certainty. It is circumstantial because it depends on the moment. If the moment is right, then it appears strong. But if the circumstances are contrary natural faith evaporates.

The greatest and most significant difference between rational and emotional faith is discipline. While one submits itself to the discipline of the Kingdom of God, the other to its own rebellious nature – not adapting to rules. Because of this, emotional faith does not have access to the same achievements as the supernatural faith.

We could compare emotional faith to a chameleon, which, depending on where it is, can camouflage itself by changing its color. Or as the chayote, which easily absorbs the taste of meat, fish or chicken as oppose to a vegetable known as scarlet eggplant, which can be cooked with meat, fish, chicken or shrimp and always remain with its bitter taste. This is how emotional faith behaves according to the circumstances of the moment because it is in tune with the deceitful heart. ”

This message came at a time when faith was “burning” in my being and it testified with my spirit. Later on this message became part of the book “THE VOICE OF FAITH”, by Bishop Macedo

This message made my being happy. I was still fulfilling my responsibilities and building something that later came to give me the answer I wanted so badly. Keep following and you will see what happened next. Soon you will find out!

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  1. Omg. I needed to read this because yes emotional faith tries to have you in a position where your faith can’t keep up with the hard times you’re facing but, in having a supernatural faith its extremely beneficial hence; you stay strong at all times. You don’t depend on the way the problem came about. All you know that is you have that faith to keep you upright in the most toughest times not bowing to your problems. To be honest, this really touched my heart. So thankful for you guys being used by the Lord. God bless <3

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  2. Hello! I am from Letonia, currently living in Porto. I left church many years ago. But I had an Erasmus studen exchange opportunity to go to some country to study-I chose Portugal, because I saw oportunity to return to God, I tried it in Letonia, but I failed. I have been going to big centro Ajuda house for September, but only for 2 weeks I am searching God desperately. I red all your- going back to past- in two days and it helped me a lot! I found some answers that I was searching and that I was blind in my faith, that I thought that everything is gona be solved by it’s own, because I am just going to church and I cryed all the time. It’s so painful to return to God,because once I left him, I remember all my failures and errors. And I have big fear that I will leave him again, but I don’t want to, I am sick of my feelings. I don’t want to be the same anymore. I am waiting for the next chapter!

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  3. There is a part in this message clarify the difference between emotional faith and intelligent faith hence at times I have been in an emotional faith and not seeing the results that I want. Intelligent faith comes from God based on the Word of God with intelligence. Very helpful thank you

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  4. Dear Mrs Viviane,
    I have been reading your diary with great interest. For a long time now I have been fighting to get closer to God, to have a very close loving relationship with him and not a mechanical one where I just obey and things turn out ok.
    I always felt alone in this because I thought that everybody else had this kind of relationship with Him and due to my rejection from my childhood, I wasn’t able to achieve this but now I realise it’s about us and the effort we constantly make. I would love to be able to talk to you about this one day.
    Thank you for every post that you write. It has helped me so much in my spiritual life. Thank you once again.
    Ashkhen. (I’m in the UK church but I don’t think we met. I have spoken to Bp Julio many times.)

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  5. The difference between emotional faith and intelligent faith is, like it was said on the blog emotional faith changes.

    However, intelligent faith is doesn’t matter what environment they are in or who they are they remain to be in the same intelligent faith.

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    “Intelligent faith is not only about the meditation and practice of the Word of God, but it also demands answers and the fulfillment of His Promises. It is related to our reasoning and ability to judge, to evaluate, and to weigh in. It evaluates the purpose of our faith.”

    The particular statement above spoke volumes to me. Enabling me to examine my own faith and see if it’s bearing the same results.

    God bless you

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